Garmin GPS, the most talked gadget nowadays among youngsters and the riders due to its smooth features and functions. But, just like other digital devices, there may arise technical issues in Garmin too, like hardware or software failure. This may lead you to reset Garmin GPS device of yours. If you are also facing the similar issue, then walk through this article to know the solution.

reset Garmin GPS

Now, if user faces a sudden setback on their Garmin map, the priority steps to reset Garmin GPS instantly. However, many users fail to reset. Thus, keeping this in mind we have formulated straightforward steps that can be performed easily by the beginners too.

Garmin device has set a benchmark for its updated and accurate navigation. But at times, there may come an uncertain situation that can resist one from taking advantage. Therefore, users suffering from this situation we have brought tips that may help in Garmin map update process without any difficulty.

Guidance to Reset Garmin Gadget

Resetting in simple words could be understood that changes made to current settings or replaced with new settings. Thus, users are meant to perform hard and soft reset functions of Garmin device. Let’s discuss both methods simultaneously:

  • Garmin GPS Soft reset
  • Garmin GPS Hard Reset

 Soft Reset Garmin GPS device

To go through the soft reset process, you need to follow the following steps given below:

  1. Press the power button and turn on the device
  2. When the device switches on, release the power button
  3. Thereafter, you will see Garmin logo flashes on the device (indicates the device has started)

The soft reset is generally for minor glitches that hinder the device. Users can take the above steps and get rid of the small problems and can efficiently operate the device.

Hard Reset Garmin GPS device

The victims facing the core issue in their GPS gadget, the listed guidelines are provided for them:

  1. Firstly, detach all the cables even the power cable from the GPS device
  2. Now, turn the Garmin GPS device and press the tiny button with a pointed object
  3. Remember: Do not release the button unless the device gets restarted
  4. As soon as the device gets restarted, release the button and wait for few seconds
  5. Now, let the device go through initialization and ready for ground settings
  6. Note: After the hard reset all preferences, saved data, local settings, favorites, and other features get customized.

So, these were the easy go steps any user can pursue to reset Garmin GPS device. Once you successfully reset the Garmin gadget, install Garmin Express app and log in to your account.

However, if you have doubts or want any information regarding the Garmin GPS update, technical experts are available 24*7. Put forward your related query to them for the accurate resolving solutions. The professionals are highly skilled and deliver the quick-fix answers to the customers to eradicate the problems permanently. Are you also one coming across reset issue? Then, get in touch with experts for an instant solution.


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