The most questioned Garmin GPS Common problems are sudden shutoff, unresponsive touchscreen, unable to detect signal and GPS locking up. Though, even the best things also has some flaws. Garmin is still the top-ranking company with some of the best GPS versions like GPS 276C, GPS Map 585 Marine GPS, Montana 680 and GPS MAP 527. However, being a digital device it may face some issues while operating Garmin GPS. This article consists of all issues and their fixes. Find out which of the issue your Garmin GPS is facing and apply the given solution.

Garmin GPS Common problems

List of most Common Problems of Garmin GPS device

Here are frequent occurring issues in Garmin GPS gadget:

  • Lost satellite signal
  • Sound failure
  • Fault in power button
  • Fails to turn on
  • Unresponsive touchscreen
  • Downloading and Uploading issues
  • Worn-out logic board
  • Fails to detect the signal
  • Depleted battery

Such types of issues can frustrate you and loose interest in using your Garmin GPS device. Like the depleted battery issue may cause the device to keep shutting down of the device, the poor display makes the user unable to mention the destination point, lost satellite signal may cause the Garmin Sat Nuvi to catch the signal leaving the user to the middle of nowhere.
In the present scenario, almost 80% of people have installed a GPS device in their vehicles. This helps them to reach their destination without any delay. However, there comes a situation where GPS faces some technical issues. Though, some of the glitches need expert assistance and some of them can manually be handled. Here are some of the most occurring issue Garmin users face:

Garmin GPS fails to turn on

  • Cross-check the key is turned on to ACC or IGNITION
  • Connect the power cord with the GPS unit
  • Make sure the fuse behind the GPS device is not blown. If it’s blown, install a new fuse.
  • Check the status of the battery. If it’s flat change, replace it with another one
  • Also, check the battery of remote control

No Sound output/Sound Failure

  • Ensure both the wires of speakers are connected properly
  • Check whether your device is not on mute mode
  • Cross-check the left, right, rear and front speakers connection by ‘OSD’ on remote with the help of the ‘Adjust’ option

The touchscreen is not responding

  • Navigate to the ‘Menu’ option
  • Tap ‘Option’
  • Choose ‘System’
  • Lastly, choose ‘Calibration’

No GPS reception

  • Ensure GPS antenna is attached properly
  • Plugin the GPS antenna correctly
  • Location may not be GPS friendly

Cannot play Radio in the current Location

  • The radio antenna is not properly connected
  • Plugin the Radio antenna properly
  • At times there are some locations that fail to catch GPS. So, once you come out from that location you may easily play radio

Bluetooth fails to work

  • The Bluetooth device might not be connected
  • Connect the device with the Navi system
  • Unable to find Bluetooth serial port

Unable to pinpoint the current location

  • Some areas are not loaded in the map
  • Update Garmin Maps to get access to remote areas

Technical Assistance Team

Did you follow the solutions to tackle Garmin GPS common problems? In case, your Garmin GPS update carries some other problem then you must contact technical experts. Most importantly, the professionals are highly qualified in their field. However if you are not be able to solve any issue manually, it can be sorted with the help of the technical team.

Consequently, convey your persisting issue with the correct details of your GPS device. Therefore, you will receive instant revert in no time. So, do not worry about the time to contact as the experts are available all round the clock, 24*7. If you are one of them, connect and get your query quickly fixed.


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